Do not work for this company

Do not under any circumstance go to work for this company. They will rip you off every chance they get. I made the mistake and I am going to do everything I can to spread the word.

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Here is my story.

After working as a Master Technician for a few Ford dealerships for 15 years, I started to feel the physical toll it was having on my body. I decided to get back into trucking as I had 8 years prior experience and decided that it would be an easy transition. Wrong answer. No one wanted to hire me since I did not have any recent experience. I decided to buy my own truck and lease on to someone so I could get some experience. MGR was one of only a couple of companies willing to hire me on. I decided on MGR as they had the best "promises".
First clue should have been when they told me I needed to bobtail to their location to do all the paper work and get signed on. I was told over the phone that they had reefers, vans and flatbeds. So I decided to go ahead and bobtail the 900 plus miles at my expense. When I got there, they informed me that they only had one reefer (that's what I had experience with). So I decided to go with the dry van. I didn't have the money to invest in tarps, straps etc that is required for flatbed.

They told me it would be $600 a month to rent a trailer. I was not told that on the phone. Another clue. I decided to go ahead anyway. At this point I really didn't have too many choices. I go to the yard to get the trailer. I looked it over and it looked ok. I signed the inspection sheet and off I went. 3 days later on my pre trip I noticed that one of the inside tires had a bald small bald spot. I took pictures of it and informed the safety department. They said "well, you signed for it and it does not say anything about it on the inspection report". Another clue. About 3 days later I noticed that the bald spot was getting bigger and the steel chords were starting to show.

I made sure to check the air pressure and was keeping it at 105 psi. I called them again and asked what I should do. They told me that I needed to replace the tire and the cost would be on me. Another clue. I was furious. I decided to just suck it up as a learning experience and put on a tire. $400 out of my pocket for a trailer that I had less than a week. At that point I decided I needed to get my own trailer. Saved my money and by the end of the second month I bought my own trailer. I turned in their trailer but at that time their mechanic was on vacation so no one inspected it. I knew they were going to charge me something for tire and brake wear. What I did not know was that they charged me $550. They deducted it from my escrow account. At my 3 month mark with them, I told them that I was done with them. They held on to my escrow money for 4 months. Now they will not answer or return my calls.
What can I do about getting my money back from these criminals? That trailer cost me $2200 for 2 months. Who can I turn to for help? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
There were other clues as well but I chose not to get into them since this post is long enough already.


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